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1- Project Idea - Setting Objectives
2 - Feasibility study
3 - Development of the project
4 - Realization
5 - Commissioning
Your idea is wonderful !

Putting it in a few lines on the paper will help us better define it in its contours and reinforce your objectives.

The world of leisure is broad and can not be limited to the acquisition of some accessories.

If the site you have chosen and the facilities are important, the knowledge of the socio-economic and ecological contexts is just as important to effectively complete the definition of your project and optimize your expectations and the results of your investment.
The definition of the idea and its objectives is therefore the most important step.
Our engineering department is at your service to refine your concept and help you turn it into a concrete and help you turn it into a concrete.

Your idea is wonderful !
Writing your idea and goals is a foundation for which we will build together a feasibility study for your project.

The feasibility study includes :

  • The visit to the location chosen for the implantation.
    • Terrain geography (slope, ridge, flat terrain, soil type)
    • Surrounding urbanism. (Architectural standards)
  • The socio-economic analysis of the reference market.
    • Proximity (center of cultural interests, places of tourism etc ...)
    • Expectations and Customer Travel (Market Segmentation)
    • Commercial environment (markets, restaurants etc ...)
    • Possible competition
  • The adequacy of the choice of your equipment on the site.
    • Compliance with international standards for installation and safety,
  • The technical and energy study
    • Choice of materials for equipment and their base (maintenance)
    • Water-electricity supply, rainfall, etc.
  • Definition of the theme of the project and the entertainment offer.
  • Investment level to remember.
The compilation of these elements will confirm the technical possibilities of a secure realization of your project.
To complete this study and assist you in your decision, so that your project is economically viable and profitable, we will develop a business plan and project a return on investment.
  • Revenue estimate
  • Estimation of charges
  • Financing plan
  • Definition dead weight
  • Return on investment
  • Forecast income statement
Your idea is wonderful !

Based on your validation of data and studies compiled, our specialists develop and propose a project adapted to the context, your ambitions and your market.

The architecture will have to integrate into the local environment.

A theme can be associated. It will have to be selected judiciously to carry the project on the long term and to be able to be maintained in a dynamic way.

The technical choices will take into account a number of parameters including climatic, energy and maintenance constraints.

The layout will consist of organizing the customer journey. It will allow him to live a number of experiences, to feel valued and to create an emotional link that will encourage his return.

The organization will reconcile the best service with customers and compliance with security rules, while optimizing human resources.

The marketing and communication aspects will make it possible to act on the mass public but also on particular niches, likely to bring a supplement in hollow periods.

The management aspect will have to be treated with rigor and rely on established parameters to reassure the investors and allow a coherent development.

Do not make the mistake of copying models seen overseas but take inspiration from them to create your model !
Ludéo International has a team of engineers who can intervene in direct management or supervision of your teams.
We use, as far as possible, local resources to allow easier maintenance, at affordable costs .
Our achievements are carried out in compliance with the international standards in force and have certificates of conformity.

Commissioning consists of two phases.
A- The functional tests controlled by a firm of expertise that will issue a certificate of conformity.
B- The launch of the exploitation with the follow-up of the personnel.

Ludéo International can assure the training of your personnel in the management of the different activities of your project.
These The courses include a core curriculum for tourism and leisure activities and specific modules for each activity.
They integrate a social, commercial, regulatory and technical approach.


We create accommodations that take into account your cultural specificities in order to integrate into the landscape and create a link with the public.

Recreational areas

Multigenerational recreation areas that integrate your economic activities to stick to the reality of the field.

Fitness area

Create sports and recreational areas with free access for the well-being of your populations.
Agence France :
13, Rue Sainte Ursule
31 000 - Toulouse
+33 672 218 351

Agence Gabon :
+241 66 63 49 13
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